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Home News Nine-time Golden Snowball winner logs only 50 inches of snow

Nine-time Golden Snowball winner logs only 50 inches of snow

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Syracuse falls short of average winter snowfall of 124 inches.

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March 15, 2012



Syracuse, Ny -- Did the warm weather this winter make you feel like a million bucks? If so, you have good financial radar. According to the latest calculations from city budget officials, Syracuse taxpayers will save $1.1 million this year thanks to lower-than-normal snow removal costs.

The savings were documented in a mid-year analysis released today by budget director Mary Vossler.

Thanks to anemic snowfall, the department of public works spent less than expected on overtime pay for snowplow operators, rock salt, truck fuel and other winter expenses, Commissioner Pete O’Connor said.

Syracuse has received only 50.2 inches of snow this winter, compared with a normal snowfall of 124.5 inches. After nine straight years of winning the Golden Snowball award for the most snow among major Upstate cities, Syracuse may lose that distinction this year to Rochester.


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