The Big Melt

The Big Melt

Should you invest in liquid deicing, and if so, how do you sell it to clients? Check out "The Big Melt" where our experts share key selling points.

November 1, 2017
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Contractors have a number of deicing options to offer clients, but which is the best one for you?

While the use of liquid deicers continues to become more and more common among snow and ice removal contractors, understanding key selling points of this product can help ease clients minds and avoid potential pitfalls.

Enhanced safety on the client site is one helpful tactic in selling the product, says Matt Scott, director of operations, of Troy Clogg Landscape Associates, LLC.

“The utilization of the liquid allows us to do some pre-treatment applications that, from an ice and snow standpoint, doesn’t allow that to bond so that when we come in and clear after the snow has occurred, or the ice has occurred, that we get a cleaner surface after we’re done,” he says.

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