ASCA to Michigan snow contractors: It's time for action

ASCA to Michigan snow contractors: It's time for action

A grassroots effort is needed to lobby state representatives' support before they consider legislation on Sept. 6 that will positively influence the professional snow and ice management industry.

August 29, 2016
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On Tuesday, Sept. 6th, the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing to discuss House Bill 5230, legislation that makes certain indemnity contracts relating to snowplow and deicing services void and unenforceable.

This is legislation created by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) , which just last week was signed into law in Illinois.  The legislation has already passed the Michigan House, and  needs the state's snow and ice professionals to support this bill by communicating their wishes to their elected officials, says ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride.

"Just like in Illinois, we need Michigan contractors to rally their support for HB 5230," Gilbride says. "It's a very simple process, but it has huge impact in influencing the bill's passage."

The ASCA is encouraging Michigan snow contractors to CLICK HERE (or enter into their browser) to find their senator. Then, cut and past the following message into their senator’s online comments section.


Please support House Bill 5230. It has already passed the House and has a hearing with the Senate Judiciary committee on September 6th. HB 5230 will go a long way in reducing snow contractors’ insurance rates, while also keeping Michigan residents safe and ensure commerce continues unabated during the winter months.

Thank you for your support.

There's significant power and influence in numbers, Gilbride adds.

"Together, we can work with one voice to get HB 5230 passed and ensure a more level playing field for Michigan professional snow and ice managers," he says.

Michigan contractors with questions or comments are encouraged to contact Gilbride directly at 216/393-0246, or at