Leading the way

Leading the way

You've spoken and we've listened, says ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride. The result is The 2017 Snow and Ice Show, an all-encompassing industry event that include a broad array of educational programing, from ASCA-C 101-level courses to seminars for veteran snow fighters.

February 17, 2017
Association News Director's Column Education
As the ASCA continues to make a positive impact in the snow and ice management industry, we are actively listening to our members to adapt to their changing needs and expectations.

When we launched ASCA, it was because a significant number of snow and ice management companies voiced their concerns with what was happening in their industry. At the time, were in a position to hear those voices and do something about it. Our mission was to provide snow and ice management companies resources to improve and protect their businesses, while also providing the resources to better represent your companies to the outside world. Those resources would allow snow and ice management companies to better differentiate themselves to their clients, the insurance world, and allow us a leg to stand on to get laws changed at the federal and state levels. We have done that.

We developed the first ever set of written industry standards, and got them accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

We developed an educational certification that ensures individuals have been educated on risk management and the industry standards (ASCA-C).

We developed a verification certification to ensure companies have implemented the industry standards (ISO9001/SN9001 certification).

We have passed legislation in Illinois and have legislation pending many other states including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan.

Now our members and the industry has spoken again, and we are excited to take the next step in our growth as an association. We have heard:
• “I would like to get ASCA Certified (ASCA-C), but don’t like online learning”
• “The ASCA needs get everyone together so they can better understand how they are changing the industry”
• “People don’t understand that we can actually change the laws, we need to get them together to show them how this done”
• We need more education on the Industry Standards and how they can help us sell
• We need more information on how to use ISO9001/SN9001 in the sales process
• ASCA members are the cream of the crop, as a supplier I would like to see an event that I can meet more ASCA members
• ASCA education is great, but some people learn better in a group environment.

So, taking this information into consideration, we have moved forward with an event that addresses all of the concerns. The 2017 Snow and Ice Show’s educational program includes everything from our ASCA-C 101-level courses to seminars for the most veteran snow fighter. If you don’t have your ASCA-C, you can attend all of the courses at the show and walk away ASCA Certified (ASCA-C)! If you are ACSA certified, attend courses and those will count towards your ASCA-C renewal. This is an opportunity to learn from seasoned veterans, as well many of the individuals who helped develop the Industry Standards.

In addition, network with some of the top snow contractors in the U.S and Canada. See the latest in equipment innovations from the industry’s most innovative suppliers.

Most importantly, learn how the ASCA programs can improve your business and how we are changing the industry and rewriting the laws to serve you for a change.

See you in Indianapolis May 17-19.