NOTEBOOK: Go With The Flow

Targeting performance and sustainability, Hilltip introduces high-flow deicing sprayers with electric-driven pumps to the snow and ice management market.

Hilltip's SprayStriker Hi-Flow Electric (HFE) Series liquid deicing sprayers
Images courtesy of Hilltip

Hilltip has brought to market the SprayStriker Hi-Flow Electric (HFE) Series liquid deicing sprayers, featuring the snow and ice management industry’s only electric-driven high-flow pumps, offering winter maintenance services a high-performance, environmentally friendly option.

“Liquids are the future of winter maintenance,” says Craig Sandmann, Hilltip’s managing director. “They can reduce salt usage by up to 75 percent, which has a huge impact on cost savings and the environment. We’ve taken this approach to the next level with the high-flow SprayStriker HFE series, which is simple, reliable, and zero emission. Combine these benefits with our innovative HTrack software, and you have the most advanced de-icing system available today.”

With tank capacities between 500 and 3,250 gallons, the HFE series is the largest in Hilltip’s sprayer-equipment family and is intended for large-scale contractors and municipalities.

HFE series sprayers feature specialized dual high-flow pumps and flow meters to pump exact application rates on demand with instant responsiveness. In addition, since no bypass system is used, energy requirements are significantly reduced, and the vehicle’s electrical system can fully power the units. As a result, the HFE series is zero emission, unlike engine-driven sprayers, nor does it require its truck to be equipped with an expensive central hydraulic system.

Despite being fully electric-powered, the HFE series is capable of high output for efficient ice management. The standard 12-volt models can spray up to 15 gallons per minute. A 24-volt kit is available for producing spray volumes of up to 30 gallons per minute.

Like all of Hilltip’s SprayStriker sprayers, the HFE series comes standard with its exclusive HTrack tracking software. This system offers the snow and ice management industry’s only two-way GPRS capability, allowing users to create work sites, set customized application rates, monitor drivers, and document all activities remotely using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The unique technology offers unmatched benefits for managers and drivers in the winter maintenance business.

Operators can monitor and manually adjust the sprayer settings in the cab through a user-friendly color screen controller. When entering a job site, the operator can press a button to load customized application rates. The pump automatically adjusts flow rates while the operator focuses on driving. The controller collects important job site data uploaded to the HTrack portal via Wi-Fi or cellular connection. This data can be used to generate client billing reports or provide appropriate documentation for slip-and-fall claims.

Other standard features include a durable poly tank with an LED work light, a beacon warning light, and a powder-coated stainless-steel frame. The two-lane, 90-inch-wide spray bar has double spray and side nozzles. The sprayers have a self-loading design and pump-out feature with a two-inch camlock connection for operator convenience. The dual high-flow pumps, motors, valves, and CPU units are protected inside an easy-access stainless-steel cabinet for superior reliability and serviceability. A manual de-icing hose reel, leg stand, and three-lane spray bar are optional equipment.

Although Hilltip is headquartered in Pietarsaari, Finland, the SprayStriker HFE series and other products for the North American market will be manufactured in Fort Wayne, Indiana. For more information on this product, check out

Mike Zawacki is editor of Snow Magazine.