Another battle won

ASCA's Kevin Gilbride outlines a new, specialized insurance program for professional snow and ice managers that recognizes the higher level of standards of ASCA Certified (ASCA-C) professionals.

Two and a half years ago, at the request of leaders from the professional snow and ice management industry, we announced the formation of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) to address skyrocketing insurance rates and frivolous slip-and-fall claims.

To adequately address this issue, we knew the industry had to do its part to institute change in how the outside world looks at and works with professional snow and ice contractors.

The plan, based on the ASCA's four founding pillars and a number of critical partnerships, implemented risk management strategies recognized by the industries we do business with to rein in insurance costs and separate the professional snow and ice management companies from those that do not operate in the same fashion.

I am excited to announce not only is the ASCA's plan working, but the outside world has taken notice and is reacting in a fashion that favors professional snow and ice managers.

Mills Insurance, an ASCA partner, brought in an A rated insurance carrier and together we are announcing a new program to insure snow and ice management companies.

This program recognizes the higher level of standards of the ASCA Certified (ASCA-C) professionals, and reflects this professionalism through a specialized insurance offering. 

Additionally, the program recognizes the snow industry’s efforts with ISO9001/SN9001, which carriers a more aggressive rate consideration.

The program accomplishes a number of important initiatives, but for the first time snow industry professionals now have a carrier that believes in them and their risk management efforts.

Insurance, as you know, is complicated, especially when it comes to the snow and ice management industry.  Claims will always be a part of the process. However, by changing behavior, we can continue to take matters into our own hands as an industry. Over the long term, by adhering to the ASCA’s plan, we will also reduce claims in the form of decreasing the number of frivolous slip-and-falls filed against snow and ice management companies. 

This program includes a more aggressive approach to fighting frivolous claims and loudly proclaims that the free lunch is over to the profiteers who prey on insurance carriers and snow contractors. 

Matthew Peterson, of Mills Insurance Group, states, “Rolling over and paying quick settlements only reinforces professional slip and fallers that it’s OK to target snow contractors. The free lunch is over. There are no more blank checks when it comes to these nuisance suits."

Peterson adds the insurance partnership offers local independent agents a way to properly serve their snow contracting clients the right way.

If you are a member of the ASCA  and your agent would like more info, you can have them contact Peterson Insurance Services at

For members that would want info themselves - please contact Mills at

It is our industry and we are taking it back one step at a time.

This is a very big next step!

Congratulations to all of you who are fighting the fight. This is another battle won.

 Kevin Gilbride is the executive director of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA).