NOTEBOOK: Winter Equipment Offers the RoadMAXX System

Engineered snow-fighting system increases blade life, high-wear protection, and offers multiple attack angles.

Winter Equipment

Winter Equipment announced it now offers the RoadMAXX system, an ideal carbide cutting-edge for the underbody of a plow.

The RoadMaxx carbide insert blade system is an engineered system comprised of high-impact structural steel carbide insert blades with ¾-inch tall, full-radius tungsten carbide inserts, an optional bevel, and heavy-duty Winter Carbide Matrix welded across the bottom edge of the entire length of the blade to prevent carbide washout.

The RoadMAXX includes two Universal CurbRunner guards with an A-22 steel casting welded to the end to prevent damage from curbs.

“The RoadMAXX is the perfect solution for the underbody of any snowplow,” said Kent Winter, founder and CEO of Winter Equipment. “The RoadMAXX features increased blade life, high-wear protection, and has multiple attack angles.”

DOT-rated, Winter Equipment’s RoadMAXX is recommended for concrete, chip-seal asphalt, and gravel roads.

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Mike Zawacki is editor of Snow Magazine.