The Top 100 Lists -- 2008 to Present


Every spring Snow Magazine begins the process of compiling its list of the professional snow and ice management industry’s Top 100 most successful companies. This determination is based on revenue figures from the just-completed winter season that is voluntarily submitted by contractors for consideration.

Every effort is made to encourage snow and ice management companies to participate in the process, but nonetheless some companies choose to keep their winter revenue figures private. That is why some notable companies are often excluded from the list.

In some years, to provide the most comprehensive representation of successful snow and ice management companies, Snow Magazine has tapped into data collected from sister publication, Lawn & Landscape, during the process of compiling that year's Top 100 list.

The annual creation of the list actually precedes my own involvement with Snow Magazine. In fact, it's origins stretch back to 2004. Beginning in 2010, Snow Magazine began recognizing the year's top-performing companies during an awards ceremony held in conjunction to the Leadership Awards program during the ASCA Executive Summit.

I’ll be the first to admit compiling this list isn’t a “perfect” process. In fact, nearly every year we’ve compiled the Top 100 we field calls post publication from contractors questioning rankings, complaining about omitted companies and expressing their distaste for a ranking process based solely on winter revenue. It should be understood that, for the most part, this list is done on the honor system with the belief that the submitted written revenue figures are accurate and not embellished for the sake of ranking.

I encourage you to look beyond the revenue figures to the other things each year’s list says about the companies populating it and the snow and ice management industry overall. For example, taken in its entirety it’s interesting to see some companies ascend the ranking as they grow their operations and enjoy greater financial success. Conversely, it’s equally telling those companies that are no longer on the list, lost to a merger or acquisition, warm in climate winters, poor business decisions, or simply fate. Viewed together, the lists also mirror the nation’s economic health and world’s climate fluctuations.

Below, click on the year to see that list. -- Editor Mike Zawacki

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