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Precise MRM launches enhanced field dispatching


Enhancements to its web-based Mobile Resource Management platform help commercial fleets maximize the productivity of their on and off-road equipment.

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September 1, 2010

PreCise MRM recently announced the release of several new enhancements to its web-based Mobile Resource Management platform targeted at helping commercial fleets maximize the productivity of their on and off-road equipment. Much of this release takes advantage of the latest Microsoft Silverlight technologies to provide rich mapping and routing capabilities to enable unprecedented visibility for field service dispatchers.

For years, PreCise has provided the latest in road and satellite mapping to give fleet managers a powerful tool to manage their day-to-day operations. With this latest release, PreCise has added several components to assure the closest qualified and available technician is deployed to the jobsite and is routed efficiently. As a technician is dispatched to a job, the address and driving directions can be emailed or texted from the dispatcher to the technician to minimize drive-time.

Another exciting new feature is a fleet-wide replay of a day’s activities. With this feature, operations staff can review workflow giving them a time-lapse view of exactly where their entire fleet was throughout a day or shift. Using this tool, inefficiencies in dispatching become clear and improved customer service, reduced drive time and lower fuel consumption will result.

Organizations will also find the enhancements integrate with their current business processes so personnel do not have to use PreCise as a stand-alone system. As an example, mobile technicians’ telephone numbers can be entered into PreCise and using a Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) system, the dispatcher can quickly dial the technician through the click of a mouse.

“At the end of the day, businesses use PreCise because it lowers their cost and increases their productivity.” says Jeff Warner, Product Manager for PreCise. “Our customers’ thumbprints are all over this release. Every feature in this release was driven by our customers sharing with us how we can help their business.”

PreCise Mobile Resource Management includes a ruggedized GPS device specifically designed for the rigors of the extreme environments found with on and off road heavy equipment. This device gathers critical information about the work effort of the equipment and transmits it wirelessly to a secure data center accessible from anywhere in the world. Because PreCise is web-based, users can take advantage of this new report simply by logging into the system normally.

PreCise MRM is a subsidiary of FORCE America, Inc.



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