Editor’s Notebook: The 2019 Top 100 List

Editor’s Notebook: The 2019 Top 100 List

This year's ranking of the snow and ice management industry’s top-performing companies is now live.

September 6, 2019

There’s a ton of interest from the snow community about the Top 100 list. How do I know this? Well, the analytics point to the fact that searches for lists from not only this year, but recent years, as well, consistently rank in the Top 10 for activity on snowmagazineonline.com.

Then there’s the phone calls and the emails from the curious that begin to flood my inbox about a week before Executive Summit, where we honor those Top 100 companies in attendance and the first glimpses of the list’s ranking are revealed. The complete list traditionally accompanies Snow’s September issue, which is now live on the website.

I was really beginning to feel bad this year. Due to an unavoidable series of events, the unveiling of this year’s list to the greater snow community was delayed about a week. But my resolve remained strong as I repeated the mantra “We’ll be releasing the list soon.”

So, I’ll keep this brief because I’m certain the majority of you who clicked on this article really want to see the list rather than read what I have to say. Just a couple quick points to note:

  • We had an unprecedented number of entries for this year’s list.
  • We’re not listing winter revenue. We decided this figure will solely be used for ranking purposes.
  • The list is voluntary, and we depend on honest revenue reporting from participating companies. That said, we work with what we’re given. If you call BS on a competitor who ranked two spots better than you, then you’ll need to take it up with them. Please don’t call me.
  • The revenue threshold to make the list was at an all time high. In past years, $1 million in winter revenue was an easy ticket to a spot on the Top 100 list. This was the first year where a number of $1 million-plus companies didn’t make the cut. For reference, this year No. 101 came in just shy of $1.2 million.

So, without further ado CLICK HERE TO SEE THE 2019 TOP 100 LIST.

Congrats to all of those who made the 2019 list, and the best of luck for a safe and successful 2019-20 Winter.

Mike Zawacki is editor of Snow Magazine