ASCA Releases 500-Level Education

ASCA Releases 500-Level Education

New batch of 10 1-hour courses is available online to ASCA members to update ASCA-C certifications.

November 26, 2018

The Accredited Snow Contractors Association has uploaded 10 500-Level courses to its online education center, allowing contractors to continue their studies and update their ASCA-C certifications.

“I know members are going to be very happy to hear this announcement because anticipation has been growing for some time for the release of the 500-Level coursework for ASCA-C certification,” says ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride. “It is the perfect time, in the days leading up to the start of the 2018-19 snow season, for members to either update their ASCA-C or begin the certification and continuing education process.”

ASCA certification (ASCA-C) gives members a measurable competitive advantage. The courses are the only industry education courses recognized by insurance agencies that help companies correctly document their work, improve company standards, and reduce the company’s risk. ASCA-C certification positions member companies as reliable, professional, and trustworthy; protecting both the contractor, and by extension, their clients.

The new 500-Level courses include:

  • ·         Equipment Management
  • ·         Fleet Safety
  • ·         Green Deicers
  • ·         Managing High and Low Snowfall Levels
  • ·         Structure Your Snow Team for Success
  • ·         Technology
  • ·         Utilizing Industry Standards and ISO in Sales
  • ·         Attracting Service Providers
  • ·         Overcoming Business Plateaus
  • ·         Creating Culture in Your Organization

CLICK HERE to access the ASCA’s Learning Center.


ASCA members have the opportunity to earn their ASCA certification (ASCA-C). This is an annual certification process and courses are designed to help companies correctly document their work, improve company standards, and reduce the risk.


ASCA-C status requires the completion of 10 hours of ASCA-sanctioned education annually, as well as being a member in good standing. The new 500-Level education adds to the wealth of industry knowledge available to members. ASCA-C is the leading certification in the snow and ice management industry.


While work is underway creating 600-Level courses, Gilbride says he’s very interested in hearing ASCA members’ suggestions for topics to address in the future. He advises members to forward their thoughts to him directly at