Achieving Wet Pavement

Tips, insights, and techniques to take your ice-control strategy to the next level. Plus: Improve your pricing methods, boost your profit margins.

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Without a doubt, insights on deicing and anti-icing operations are some of the most sought-after information among snow and ice management professionals. Everyone is seeking some sort of professional advantage that will allow them to improve their on-site efficiency, cut costs, exceed client expectations, add to their profit margins, and – perhaps most importantly – reduce their and their client’s vulnerability to slip-and-fall claims.

For example, I frequently spend time pouring over web analytics data for Snow Magazine’s website. It’s sort of like reading the editorial tea leaves to gain insights on what is top of mind among snow and ice management professionals. It’s a fair estimation that, at any time of the year, of the Top 10 requested topics/articles, easily 60%-70% have to do with some aspect of salting, deicing or anti-icing strategy.

So, I went back through nearly two decades of editorial material and culled some of the best of the best material. In many cases, I updated existing information and augmented it with new content to create this month’s cover story. By no means is this the end-all, be-all primer on salting, deicing and anti-icing because, as with a lot of things, this strategy is fluid (pardon the pun) and is constantly evolving, improving and getting better. But hopefully on the following pages you’ll find some useful tips or insights that make you reflect on your own strategy and how you can achieve greater results in the field. And as always, I’d love to hear your feedback on what you’re doing within your own snow and ice management operation to improve performance, increase your efficiency, and strengthen your margins. So, don’t hesitate to reach out: And as always, have a safe and profitable winter. – Mike Zawacki, editor

October 2022
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