Game changing year

Game changing year

ASCA’s Kevin Gilbride recaps 2017, talks about the industry’s new trade show, maintaining legislative momentum, ISO’s impact, and will it snow?

December 1, 2017
SNOW MAGAZINE: Heading into Winter 2017-18, what are you hearing from the snow and ice management industry, and what do you see as the greatest business challenge contractors are facing?

KEVIN GILBRIDE: As simple as it is, snow or no snow is the major topic of discussion right now among contractors. While the good companies budget to ensure they have some profits no matter what happens in the winter, a low-snow winter really hurts businesses. From a snow contractor’s perspective, the difference between a good winter and bad winter for a small operation means $1 million in revenue instead of $400,000. The $400,000 keeps the doors open, but the $1 million puts money in your and your employee’s pockets.

The industry saw the introduction of the Snow & Ice Show in 2017 (which took place in Indianapolis). What was the goal you were trying to achieve with introducing this show?

To deliver more of the ASCA’s messaging to the masses in a face-to-face format. We are often asked if the ASCA-C certification is available face-to-face. This allowed us to provide that opportunity to the industry at large. We also have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the association’s membership. This gave us a venue to share that knowledge with others of like minds. The trade show format made the most sense as a forum to do this.

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