Forward Progress

Forward Progress

From another state adopting the association’s model legislation, to helming three major industry events and countess state-level activity, ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride recaps the high and lows of 2018 and provides some perspective on what can be expected in the year to come.

October 26, 2018

SNOW MAGAZINE: With Colorado adopting the ASCA’s model legislation into law, successfully carrying out association-driven events with Snow & Ice Show and Executive Summit, an impactful Legislative Day, as well as growing the ASCA’s ranks and influence, would you agree that 2018 has been a successful year?

KEVIN GILBRIDE: It’s been tremendously successful. We had our largest growth year ever, top attendance at ASCA events, gotten another law on the books, opened up more strategy on legislation, and hit all of our numbers financially. Without a doubt it raises the bar for us in 2019.

What do you rank as the major highlights for the ASCA and the industry?

In our business nothing outshines getting legislation passed – on either the state or federal level.. However, we have had other successes, as well. For example, in Illinois, we are starting to see more and more request for proposals (RFPs) coming out that are requesting proof that contractors are following the Industry Standards and asking for their ISO9001/SN9001 certification to participate in the bid process. This is a direct result of the ASCA model legislation being adopted into law in Illinois, and we expect that trend to increase throughout 2019.

Okay, on the flip side. Looking back at 2018, what would you categorize as disappointments, where the association may not have fully achieved its goals? And is there any one thing you’d have done differently to achieve more favorable results?

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