Insurance Upgrade

Insurance Upgrade

The ASCA announces a new insurance partnership and what this means for its members and the snow industry.

December 20, 2019


I’m excited to unveil our new ASCA insurance partnership with The McGowan Companies.

McGowan has a long history as program managers and is the largest manager of specialty insurance programs in the world. The company has relationships with nearly 400 insurance carriers, and I am confident McGowan will bring the same stability to the snow and ice management industry as they have in many other industries.

One of the specialties that drew us to McGowan was its expertise in creating insurance products for industries that are distressed. That’s probably one of the kinder words you’d use to describe the insurance predicament the professional snow and ice management has faced in recent years.

As early as the mid-1950s, The McGowan Companies recognized the power of specialization and began writing commercial affinity business. Catapulted by the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986, McGowan transformed from a large regional retailer into one of the country’s first program managers. And for the last six decades, the company has dedicated itself to program business. Their philosophy has always been to deliver products to brokers which allow them to distinguish themselves from their competition, from both a pricing and coverage perspective. At the same time, McGowan has delivered extraordinary long-term profitability to their carriers. Satisfying the dual objectives of our brokers and carriers has made them an extremely stable platform, which is a rare commodity in the insurance industry.

McGowan has worked tirelessly with the ASCA and carriers to identify viable solutions for the professional snow and ice management. I am very pleased to advise that because of our partnership with McGowan, we were successful in binding coverage for ASCA members this past week.

This is only the first step, and we will be working very closely in 2020 with both McGowan Companies and the carriers writing the program to ensure stability for snow and ice management companies in the marketplace. In order to accomplish the most successful partnership for our members, we will be requesting data from you. The more data we collect, the more the McGowan team can help us all.

Thank you, as we build toward a successful solution together.


Kevin Gilbride is the Executive Director of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association. He can be reached at