600-Level Education Is Live

600-Level Education Is Live

Continue your ASCA-C education with 10 new courses that covers topics from the use of liquids for ice mitigation, to equipment, to best practices hiring and working with service providers.

February 17, 2020

Continue your education with 10 new 600-Level courses.

CLICK HERE to access the education, or enter http://bit.ly/ASCA_Education into your web browsers.

ASCA education certification gives you a measurable competitive advantage. Our courses are the only industry education courses recognized by insurance agencies that help companies correctly document their work, improve company standards, and reduce the company’s risk. Our ASCA-C certification positions your company as reliable, professional, and trustworthy; protecting both you, and by extension, your clients.

ASCA Certification is an annual certification process developed for individuals who work in the professional snow and ice management industry.  

The education is risk management based and was developed to support the ANSI-Approved American National Standards for the snow and ice management industry.