ASCA to take over DC

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Fueled by a desire to leave a substantial impression on the legislators, ASCA’s tweaks Federal Legislative Day.

May 3, 2018

Photo: baiyi126

Federal Legislative Day is one of the year’s most important and impactful events for ASCA members and industry suppliers. That is why the association has committed in 2018 to go big or go home with the Washington, DC-based event, scheduled for Sept. 4-5.

Annually, ASCA’s members and suppliers descend on our nation’s capital to meet with elected officials to educate and discuss the needs and challenges the professional snow and ice management industry faces.

“Prior to Federal Legislative Days, owners of snow and ice management companies generally had the feeling that they had no voice with their elected officials in Washington,” says ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride. “Therefore, our we had no influence on setting policy or shape legislative change that favored our industry.

“Legislative Day began to change all of that we,” Gilbride adds. “We’ve begun making in roads in the House and Senate and develop relationships with elected officials from throughout the snow states.” As proof, Gilbride pointed to the recent mention by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley in a Senate hearing citing the ASCA as a key reason to pass the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act (LARA).

In past years, however, the association has done little to market the Legislative Day event, instead relying on world-of-mouth and personal invitations to drive event attendance.

“It’s generally been a small-group affair of industry leaders,” Gilbride says. “We decided it was time to expand the event and to take Legislative Day to the next level by aggressively getting the word out to drive attendance this year.”

As a result, ASCA’s Legislative Day will now be an all-encompassing event that will include speakers, sponsors, a cocktail hour and dinner.

“Those contractors who have taken part in Legislative Day in the past have realized the real value they gained from the experience and the immense sense of pride they received from representing the snow and ice management industry to this nation’s law makers,” Gilbride says. “In past years we’ve had around 50 industry members participate, and the goal for 2018 is to move forward to 100 participants. From there, we’ll continue to grow it every year after.”