Editor's Notebook: ASV's Tracks Go To The Max

Editor's Notebook: ASV's Tracks Go To The Max

Bar-style tread achieves maximum contact with the ground, and the extra ground contact allows operator maximum traction on snow, ice, and slush.

February 25, 2021

ASV Holdings Inc. now offers genuine OEM compact track loader tracks engineered for leading longevity, performance and anti-derailment capabilities. Backed by 30-plus years of experience and more than 150,000 hours of testing, ASV rubber tracks are manufactured with the utmost attention to detail and are designed for reliability.

“Aftermarket track options may look similar, but they lack the thousands of hours of vigorous testing we’ve put into our tracks,” says Buck Storlie, ASV product line manager. “We have determined the perfect blend of materials to optimize our tracks for operators on the toughest jobs.”

ASV’s OEM tracks allow operators to do more in more places with best-in-class technology that achieves leading durability, flexibility, performance, and efficiency. The tracks maximize traction and the amount of track on the ground in dry, wet, and slippery conditions all year long through the use of an all-season bar-style tread pattern and a specially formulated exterior tread. The high amount of ground contact combined with ASV’s Posi-Track undercarriage also virtually eliminates derailment.

tracks are meant for year-round use, from dirt and mud to snow and ice. The tracks feature extra length and width and an extremely effective bar-style tread to achieve maximum contact with the ground. The extra ground contact allows maximum traction on snow, ice, and slush, running contrary to a perception that an aggressive track pattern is necessary for traction in winter applications. The tracks work with ASV’s Posi-Track undercarriage to achieve even more ground contact and low ground pressures, further improving performance.

In addition, the rubber tracks eliminate rusting and corrosion because they contain no steel cords. Durability is maximized through seven layers of embedded puncture, cut and stretch resistant material. Additionally, the track’s flexible reinforcements are capable of bending around obstacles that may otherwise snap cords on a steel-embedded version or an aftermarket option with fewer layers of reinforcement and lower quality material.

Lastly, ASV OEM tracks also extend reliability and maximize resistance to wear and tear through a specialized blend of rubber compounds specifically designed for tracks used in industrial conditions. The tracks are highly consistent thanks to a single-cure process that eliminates the seams and weak points found in some aftermarket tracks. Pre-stretched for a consistent length with minimal stretching, the track minimizes wear due to a patented lug design, assuring maximum sprocket engagement.