Notebook: Bobcat Redesigns Toolcats

Notebook: Bobcat Redesigns Toolcats

The UW53 and UW56 are outfitted with a variety of improvements and attachments to provide snow contractors greater jobsite versatility.

November 23, 2021

The refreshed UW53 and UW56 models of Bobcat’s Toolcat utility work machine lineup are sort of like the multi-tool that most of you wear on your belt, except you can move snow with these.

Bobcat is touting its new Toolcat utility work machine lineup with providing snow professionals with unprecedented attachment versatility in a UTV, allowing operators to utilize this equipment for almost any tasks at any time of the year on clients' jobsites.

The newly updated dual-drive response system has been enhanced to provide smoother acceleration and deceleration, automatically recalling drive response settings. The first setting provides a smooth, responsive traction for driving between tasks, and the second setting changes the drive system to a more aggressive response when operating in low range to maintain hydraulic and traction power for uninterrupted work.


A new optional rear-view camera gives operators ideal visibility for tasks that require regular machine maneuvering. The rear-frame location of the camera provides an unobstructed view for connecting a ball hitch (on the UW56 model only).

The new UTV models have redesigned LED lighting, providing increased light dispersion and intensity using less power. The embedded road lights are integrated within the front fenders (instead of on the bottom of the front windshield), providing optimal protection and unobstructed illumination for better visibility in all directions. The rear work lights have also changed to LED, to optimize for better light dispersion.

In addition to these performance enhancements, snow professionals will find several significant comfort updates, including a redesigned interior with an integrated 5-inch display, updated ergonomics, component placements, and storage spots all within easy access. All controls are in one place for increased operational control, including all secondary functions.

Addressing uptime and serviceability, Bobcat has outfitted these UTVs with larger fuel filters, increased operating time between required oil filter changes, increased corrosion protection and fender shape/material, larger in-cab access points and improved wiring harness.

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