The Blast Is Back

The Blast Is Back

Expect frigid temps and some accumulation across the Upper Midwest late week and into the weekend, says meteorologist Beth Carpenter.

February 25, 2019


Another arctic blast, similar to the one that brought record cold to the Midwest in late January, is on the horizon and will impact the northern United States this weekend.

A portion of the Polar Vortex -- the dome of cold air that typically resides at the North Pole-- will weaken and dip equatorward into the northern Plains and Upper Midwest. While the entire country will see wall-to-wall, well-below-normal temperatures, the Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Northern Illinois will feel the brunt of the cold.

Temperatures are expected to dip into the negative teens and negative 20s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, especially across the previously mentioned areas. Wind chills are projected to dip into the -30s to -50s as well, which would be Wind-Chill Warning criteria. Several temperature records will likely be broken, as well.

On top of the brutal cold, a swath of accumulating snowfall is likely across the Upper Midwest and into the Great Lakes region, as well. The exact track and amounts of this snowfall will have to be fine-tuned over the next 3-4 days.

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Due to the very cold air that will be in place, less moisture will be available. Therefore the snow will be very light and fluffy, though, which will allow it to add up quickly. Above is an early look at the potential track of this snowfall, subject to shifting as the event approaches.

Beth Carpenter is a co-founder and meteorologist at Thermodynamic Solutions, based in Indianapolis. You can reach Beth at