Adopt a new strategy

Adopt a new strategy

Sometimes being a good communicator is as simple as listening to understand, rather than listening to respond.

November 6, 2018

Culture is foundational to everything that we do in our businesses. Whether we’re designing a logo, picking out shirt colors or putting potted plants in the corners of our offices – we are creating culture. A key component to any business is finding which type of culture is needed to make you successful, and then sticking to it. When quality culture exists in your business, employees feel part of a team, productivity is higher and your company stands out above the competition. This month we want to talk about communication and how it might be one of the greatest barriers for the perfect culture your company is trying to create.

Obviously everything we do during our day contains some aspect of communication. Whether you’re saying “Good Morning” to your team when you first see them, writing an email to a client about a potential job, texting your foreman during the day about a work issue, or talking with your mechanic about a truck part —all of these routine scenarios rely on proper communication. If communicating is something that we do all the time, why do so many leaders and teams struggle with it? Perhaps it’s time to rethink our communication strategies.

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