Legislative Alert: Connecticut

Legislative Alert: Connecticut

ASCA's model legislation takes its first big step to become law in The Constitution State.

February 1, 2019

The ASCA’s model legislation took an important first step toward becoming law in Connecticut on Thursday when it was introduced into the state's general assembly.

Proposed H.B. No. 6867 was introduced by State Rep. Patricia Billie Miller of the 145th District who assigned the legislation to the Joint Committee on General Law. This committee deals with matters relating to the Department of Consumer Protection, fair trade and sales practices, and other public health and safety areas.

The ASCA’s model legislation, which has already been signed into law in Illinois and Colorado, prohibits clients from passing on their negligence through hold-harmless agreements and indemnification clauses.

You can track the Connecticut bill’s progress HERE.

Connecticut professional snow and ice managers are encouraged to review the members sitting on the General Law Committee, says ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride. If a committee member is a representative from the district your company is located, then you are encouraged to reach out to them to let them know you support this bill.

“We’re very excited and encouraged by HB 6867’s introduction into the general assembly,” Gilbride says. “Now the state’s professional snow removal community must do its job to continue generating momentum for this bill, and to encourage members of this committee that it’s a worthwhile issue to be considered and passed by the full assembly.”

CLICK HERE to learn more about the committee and its members.

“Let them know that not only with the bill keep Connecticut citizens safe, it will also reign in skyrocketing insurance premiums for snow and ice professionals,” Gilbride adds.