Who Are You Going To Call?

Who Are You Going To Call?

Don’t wait till April to reach out to a tax pro. Engage a CPA early and often and take your business to the next level.

January 17, 2019
Mark E. Battersby
EDITOR'S NOTE: This article first appeared in Snow Magazine's September 2013 issue.

Professional help and guidance are almost mandatory when it comes to navigating the morass of today’s regulatory climate, bureaucracy and, above all, our tax laws and regulations. But how best to find a qualified – and affordable – professional to guide your snow and ice management business through this jungle to reach your goals?

Because of the uncertainty that exists with taxes, we’ll illustrate several tips and strategies for finding a tax professional. Naturally, similar methods can be successfully employed to find other professionals who are essential to the success of many professional snow and ice contractors. Whether those professionals are lawyers, accountants, insurance agents or brokers, bankers, financing professionals, consultants or financial advisers to help manage or invest the profits from your successful operation, the strategies for finding them are similar.

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