Culture Club

Culture Club

Four key shared experiences that will allow you to begin building your company’s culture around.

October 1, 2018

Culture is foundational to everything we do in businesses. Whether we’re designing a logo, picking out shirt colors or putting potted plants in the corners of our offices – we are creating culture. A key component to any business is finding which type of culture is needed to make you successful, and then sticking to it. When quality culture exists in your business, employees feel part of a team, productivity is higher, and your company stands out above the competition.

Shared experiences can have a huge impact on the culture that you’re trying to create. A shared experience is any time multiple people on your team engage in something that might not qualify as a direct job responsibility. These types of experiences tend to be more “want-to” opportunities rather than “have-to.” Let’s take a look at four shared experiences that you could easily implement this year: meals, workouts, road trips and charitable events.

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