Culture Shock

Culture Shock

The key to understanding the culture at Garden Grove Landscaping required its leaders to revisit their vision, values and mission.

August 23, 2018
David Lammers
Not only are there tangible benefits from building culture within your business, but there are clear signs construction may be well underway within your operations.

The key to understanding culture in our organization required us to go back to our vision, values and mission. This is where everything starts and ends. It’s our hill to die on. Your vision leads you. Your values guide you. Your mission is where these principles converge.

We have done many things over the years for our staff – BBQ’s, summer picnics, large family parties, years-of-service awards, bonuses, Christmas lunches and dinners. These things are great, but if you do not have a positive culture of connection within your organization, these things will not produce the positive results that reflect the financial investment you are making. This was the scenario we found ourselves in and here’s why.

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