An Industry Remembers

Leaders from throughout the snow and ice community share their thoughts and memories of David J. Frank.

February 15, 2019

“When people describe personality types in business, there are terms thrown out. For example, an individual may be an “idea” executive or a “visionary.” But when my path crossed with David Frank, I had him pegged.  To me, David was a “nuts-and-bolts” guy.

“Frequently, while David would run a project or a speaking session, our minds would work together for the greater good of the ASCA.  He was very unselfish and freely gave his time and energy to everyone he worked with.  He loved team work and digging into any idea that came to the table.  Folks around my office would walk documents from him back to my desk, as they just got a call from David Frank to make sure I received his packages.  All items were handwritten “important” on the envelope and they would arrive carefully addressed to me from David.  He would even fax, God bless him.  

“Around the Mills Insurance office, we all respected David and jumped at any chance to work on a David Frank project.  We affectionately called him the “nuts-and-bolts” guy.  He was willing to dig into the details of almost everything. We are all blessed to have shared some time and many memories as we worked toward a common goal.

“Time moves way too fast, but it was a detailed journey while with David.”-- Matthew Peterson, President, Mills Insurance

"What a wonderful man! One of the best of the best in the landscape industry. He will be missed but never forgotten." -- Cindy Code Fenner, B. Communications, former Lawn & Landscape Magazine editor

"David’s knowledge was deep and he enthusiastically shared it. He leaves very big shoes to fill." -- Dick Churchill, President, The GroundsKeeper Inc., 2013 Leadership Award recipient

“When I remember David, I think of the “green pants and the pink jacket, or vice versa…it really doesn’t matter!” It was a blessing to talk to such a colorful guy with a humble demeanor. I had the chance to have lunch with Mike Jones (True North in Kansas City) and David in an airport 2 years ago. I remember leaving that lunch feeling not only good, but somewhat emotional in the fact that I’d never felt so respected in the way he genuinely listened to what I had to say, but his overall appreciation and feedback that he had to our conversation. David genuinely cared deeply about people and I remember thinking, I want to treat each conversation that I had moving forward, the way I was just treated by him. I know nothing about how he ran his business, but I can only imagine that he respected and loved his business tremendously and everything that it gave him in return. A “great” person will be missed.” -- Matt Boelman, Vice President, Perficut Companies Inc., 2012 Leadership Award recipient

"I really enjoyed David in all aspects of his involvement in ASCA.  He was colorful, sharp, witty, committed and really poured himself into one of the most tedious projects imaginable for him or anyone…..a safety manual for the ASCSA.  What a great job he did with this project, especially as it demonstrates such humility to serve his industry and fellow peers.  I will really miss him at our annual events and wish his family and friends from all over the country much comfort for his loss." -- Mike Jones, CEO, True North Outdoor, 2014 Leadership Award recipient

"David will be dearly missed. He will always be remembered for his care and love of his family, for others and the industry.  His passion and burden for what he lived for will continue to shine in everything he has done. David, you will forever live in our hearts and lives and the influence you’ve had in our businesses will continue in the years to come!  Our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of David J Frank." -- David Lammers, President, Garden Grove Landscaping, 2016 Leadership Award recipient

"David was a pioneer and a servant leader in our industry. His physical presence will be missed but his passion and the contributions he made to the industry will long be remembered. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and team. God bless." -- Jerry Schill, President/CEO Schill Grounds Management, 2011 Leadership Award recipient