Editor's Notebook: H-2B Update

Editor's Notebook: H-2B Update

DHS to increase H-2B quota by 30,000 spring/summer, but is limited to those workers who have previously held H-2B visa status.

April 9, 2019

ASCA's legal counsel Josh Ferguson passed along an interesting blog post that will be a bit of positive news for those who use H-2B workers.

Kenneth S. Levine, Josh's colleague at Freeman Mathis & Gary LLP, writes in an April 8 blog post that despite the Trump Administration's two-year campaign to issue executive orders placing limits on U.S. work visas, a surprising limited expansion of the H-2B work visa program was announced this week by the Department of Homeland Security . This development is welcome news for industries -- like landscaping -- that depend on this visa for temporary, seasonal workers.

You can read  Kenneth's entire blog post HERE.