Editor’s Notebook: Jan. 28, 2019

Editor’s Notebook: Jan. 28, 2019

Editor Mike Zawacki offers some thoughts on current events, recent news, must-read articles and other random stuff you'll find interesting.

January 28, 2019


Forecasters are warning of some brutal cold across the snow belt over the next few days (AccuWeather). The term “polar vortex” is being used again. Think we all can remember back a few winters to how deadly those temperatures got. >>> CLICK HERE for some tips on how to stay safe when exposed to this brutal weather.

Here’s a solid piece of advice: Local expert warns against using flamethrowers for snow removal >>>CLICK HERE to read the article




Snow relocation and snow removal are both add-on business opportunities or contractors, but there are some very real safety reasons for doing so, as well. Contributor Jerry Schill outlines these scenarios. >>>CLICK HERE to read the article


Here are a couple of items from our sister publication Lawn & Landscape that you might find interesting:

Recovering profits with collection agencies
Receiving timely payments can be a struggle and can seriously impact the company’s bottom line. Andy Yavello and Matt Moskowitz of American Profit Recovery both say that utilizing a third-party collection agency can help expedite the process, but there are limitations and important factors that play into the process. >>> CLICK HERE to read the article.

Creating a smarter recruiting mindset
With the labor crisis still posing challenges, it may be time to shift how you look at the recruitment process. Brad Leahy, vice president of Blades of Green, said his company hired 37 people in 2018 and holds a retention rate of 84 percent. He credits the hiring success to the company’s unique approach at recruitment. >>> CLICK HERE to read the article.