The Fun Side of Taxes

The Fun Side of Taxes

Last December’s tax cuts rewrote the rules for business write-offs and deductions but didn't take all of the fun out of business entertainment.

October 19, 2018

Taxes can be fun? Well, not exactly, but our federal tax rules do permit write-offs and deductions for a number of enjoyable activities, events and other expenditures made by a snow removal or ice management business in the pursuit of income, happy employees and content owners. Although much has been said and written about tax deductible picnics and holiday parties, the tax rules allow deductions for many, many other enjoyable activities.

Entertainment may, in many cases, be considered a business necessity but it can also be enjoyable. When a snow removal contractor entertains customers or potential customers, the costs can really add up, but they are usually tax deductible — even after the tax laws were “reformed.”

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