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Features - Cover Story - The Leadership Awards

The 2019 class of Leadership Award recipients reflect what is great about the professional snow and ice management industry.

September 4, 2019

The ASCA and Snow Magazine were proud to honor three snow and ice professionals with Leadership Awards. This year’s honorees included David Langton, Einstein’s Solutions Inc., Fitchburg, Mass.; Bob St. Jacques, Four Seasons Landscaping, Windsor, Conn.; and Jim Biebrach, Snow Systems, Wheeling, Ill.

This year’s class truly embodies the concept and principles behind selfless servant leadership, says ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride.

“This is evident not only when you learn about each’s backstories, but when you spend some time and talk to them one-on-one,” Gilbride says. “These gentlemen lead by example, and in doing so establish a company culture that reflects not only business excellence, but excellence as industry stewards, and excellence as members of their respective communities.”

Choosing a class of industry leader to honor is no small task, says Snow Magazine Editor Mike Zawacki.

“Each year the nomination-and-selection committee begins the process of examining potential candidates for this Leadership Award and nearly every year there’s some trepidation at first about selecting the right candidates,” Zawacki says. “The concern is, will these candidates do justice to the more than two dozen recipients who received the honor before them? This year, it didn’t take long to realize our concerns were unfounded and these three individuals could very well hold their own.”

This year’s class of Leadership Award recipients were honored during a special event that took place as part of the 2019 Executive Summit, which was held in Pittsburgh, July 31-Aug. 2.

All Photos by Lynne Goldstein.
The Omni Ballroom.

Attendees pick up their event badges for the evening.

Brad Frank, David J. Frank Landscape Contracting and David Lammers, Garden Grove Landscaping;

2019 Leadership Award recipients David Langton, Bob St. Jacques, and Jim Biebrach.

Joanne Biebrach and Stacey Hinson, Snow Systems.

Jim and Trevor Biebrach, Snow Systems, and Lucas Strait, Arctic Snow & Ice Control.

Betsy Zupon, Snow and Ice Management Co. and Greg Davis, Environmental Management.

Kelly Lotarski and William Moore; Executive Property Maintenance.

Byron Cooper and Jason Sullivan, MSNW Group.

Dave Zelis, Buyers Products, networks with attendees.

James Lynch, JPL Cars and Troy CLogg, TCLA.

Leadership and Top 100 receiption.

Byron Cooper, Terell Weg, and Jason Sullivan, MSNW Group.

Bob and Laurie St. Jacques with Dick Churchill.

Joel Englehart; Brad and Amy Caton, Invictus Professional Snowfighters, Jason Whittemore, Metal Pless, and Mike Caton, Invictus Professional Snowfighters.

Leadership Award recipients past and present: (Top, Left) Bob St. Jacques (‘19); Dick Churchill (‘13); Joe Kujawa (‘16); Jim Biebrach (‘19); Mike Jones (‘14); (Bottom, Left) Randy Strait (‘12); David Langton (‘19); Jerry Schill (‘11); ASCA Executive Direct Kevin Gilbride; Jason Case (‘17); and Troy Clogg (‘10).