Editor's Notebook: Hot Stuff

Editor's Notebook: Hot Stuff

Here's one way to heat things up this winter.


Many snow contractors employ aerial drones in the field to give them an invaluable bird’s-eye view of a property. Now if those drones only shot flames…

Flamethrower supplier Throwflame has introduced the TF-19 Wasp ($1,499), a flamethrower attachment for drones that can light up targets up to 25 feet away and shoot flames up to 100 seconds with its one-gallon fuel capacity.

Now, combing a flamethrower with a drone may seem like bad news, but the company is quick to point out real-world application like clearing power lines, remote agriculture burns, and pest management such as burning wasp nests, even snow and ice management.

Think about it. If your ops provides clients with the added service of clearing dangerous icicles out from underneath building overhands and entryways, then this could be the perfect tool.

Check out the video below and determine for yourself if this attachment is a good fit for your snow ops.