Florence Could Impact Snow Industry

Florence Could Impact Snow Industry

Insider reports storm surges could overwhelm salt stored in seaside ports and temporarily impact coastal trucking.

September 13, 2018

While forecasters are calling for Hurricane Florence to generate up to 20 inches of rain for affected areas, some industry insiders speculate that may very well overwhelm seaside port rock salt stockpiles. If Florence produces a significant storm surge into Wilmington NC, that could impact supply for the southeast US as that salt sits on a dock and does not stay dry in a record storm surge.  

"If the surge pushes up through the Chesapeake Bay, that may bring problems into the Mid-Atlantic where significant stockpiles are positioned in Baltimore and Wilmington," one source told Snow Magazine. "Only time will tell."

In addition, port closures further north could impact trucking, which would temporarily delay salt deliveries until the weather has settles down.

To make matter worse, two more storms are brewing off the African coast that appear to have comparable trajectories to that of Florence. However, it's still to early to tell where they'll end up.