“I Want More…”

“I Want More…”

At year’s end, ASCA’s Kevin Gilbride offers some thoughts on achieving personal and professional enlightenment to guide us through into the new year.

December 20, 2018

At this time of year that phrase means so many different things.

In my household, for example, with a 13, 11 and 8-year-old, it often refers to more presents, more cookies and candy, more time on the Xbox, and more of Dad’s attention.

But these three words cut deeper at the holidays. For example, I received an email from an industry colleague with a message I know he only sends to friends. He was reaching out on behalf of a charity that needed more to feed the homeless during the holidays. The invitation struck at the heartstrings, and the children in need sounded so very similar to mine. In addition to more appreciation for the true spirit of the holiday season, we simply need more awareness of the plight of those in need throughout the year.

Perusing Facebook this morning, another industry colleague shared a post of his team’s holiday philanthropy. Like busy little elves, they were providing Christmas cheer to the less fortunate … giving more of themselves to those who had next to nothing this holiday season.

The concept of “more” is so multifaceted, it has business connotations that are important to consider at this time of year, too.

At the ASCA’s office and, like so many of you, I was working on closing out the year and reviewing some of the association’s year-end revenue numbers.  By November’s close all of our hard work during 2018 culminated in the association exceeding its yearly budget goals in all categories.  In my eyes, though, we hadn’t achieved our monthly numbers for December.  Even though we had already surpassed the larger goal, I didn’t want to close the book on 2018 missing a monthly goal.  So, as you very well can appreciate, I challenged the team to finish strong.  I simply wanted more.

Likewise, the ASCA Leadership Awards program is held each year during Executive Summit. Months prior to the event, I always remind the nomination team of the core criteria: an individual needs to be a leader in their business, the industry, and in the community they work and live in, but they also need to go that extra mile that separates them from the pack. They have to want more for themselves, their businesses, their industry and their community.

Ponder this notion of wanting more as you begin to engage the holiday season and turn the page on another business year. In 2019, how will you drive this desire to not only greater business success, but personal fulfillment, as well?

That said, I wish each of you more of all of the right things through this holiday season!

Kevin Gilbride is the Executive Director of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association. You can reach him at kgilbride@gie.nett