Notebook: Hilltip Introduces IceStriker 500

Notebook: Hilltip Introduces IceStriker 500

The spreader allows smaller vehicles to use the company's technology when applying material to parking lots, courtyards, walkways, and pedestrian paths.

April 30, 2021

Hilltip has introduced the IceStriker 500, a salt and sand spreader designed for use on UTVs and half-ton pickups, as well as other small machines such as tool carriers and mini loaders. The spreader is intended to allow smaller vehicles to use Hilltip’s IceStriker technology when spreading in parking lots, courtyards, walkways, pedestrian paths and more.

The IceStriker 500 features a corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel hopper body that facilitates smooth material flow. Material delivery is further optimized by an inverted V with a vibrator to prevent bridging, as well as a 2.5-inch stainless-steel auger that provides consistent material flow to the spinner.

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The IceStriker 500 on a UTV
An advanced color screen controller comes standard with the IceStriker 500, providing users the ability to either manually set a fixed auger speed or have the material spreading rate automatically adjusted according to vehicle speed. The user-friendly interface provides control of the various spreader functions, such as the vibrator and work light, from the vehicle cab. Additionally, the controller collects and saves essential data to a USB memory device, which can be used for generating reports.

For increased control and observation of an equipment fleet, all IceStriker spreaders are compatible with Hilltip’s exclusive HTrack tracking software option. This allows for complete remote tracking and management of all software-installed spreaders from a computer, tablet or smartphone. This allows and operator to monitor treatment routes, vehicle speed, GPS location and material usage in real-time. The operator can utilize this data to generate detailed PDF documentation reports. Lastly, the two-way GPRS communication channel allows application rates to be remotely set and adjusted for each customer’s site depending on weather conditions.

Other optional equipment includes a pre-wet salt kit containing nozzles and a pump, along with liquid tanks that fit within the IceStriker 500 spreader design. This kit provides a fully integrated solution for operators looking to take advantage of the benefits of pre-wetting.

Hilltip is a Finnish road maintenance equipment manufacturer that entered the North American professional snow and ice management marketing in 2020.