A New Foundation

A New Foundation

The ASCA assists the North American Power Sweeping Association with the creation of its newly formed Industry Standards.

March 4, 2019

About two years ago, a group of board members from the (NAPSA), including a couple of ASCA members, approached me about the ASCA’s programs, in particular Industry Standards.


They were experiencing many of the same issues the snow and ice management industry was facing, most notably, the frequent occurrence of slip-and-fall claims filed against them, unfair contract language, and an overall lack of respect from the outside world.

I explained to the NAPSA’s board members how the Industry Standards for the professional snow and ice industry are the foundation for everything the ASCA does, and without the Industry Standards, nothing else we’ve done could be accomplished.

The NAPSA board decided to follow in our footsteps and develop its own standards for the power sweeping industry. They formed a committee that immediately reached out to me to learn how the ASCA managed the accreditation process. I was happy to guide them through the development of their standards. It is great to have another organization, challenged with the same issues, adopt a standard. While there are thousands of standards out there through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), not many have been developed in the service sectors. In the end, NAPSA’s adoption of an ANSI standard will make both of our standards more powerful.

Their committee, like the ASCA did when we developed our Industry Standards, met weekly to create it. I often got a phone call between 3 and 4 pm on Mondays, with their committee asking me questions on the how and why of the decisions we made as we managed the accreditation process. In addition, I shared with them our Industry Standards and provided any information they requested. It was a great experience for both parties.

To great excitement, NAPSA unveiled their standards to its members at its national show last week in Nashville. I was there and was surprised to be recognized by NAPSA with a plaque for helping them develop their standard. I was thrilled to accept the accolade on behalf of all ASCA members and the role you’ve played in inspiring another service industry to take control of their professional development.

In the end, the adoption of Industry Standards is a great accomplishment for everyone involved.

Kevin Gilbride is the Executive Director of the ASCA. You can reach him a kgilbride@gie.net.