Editor’s Notebook: Undercover Industry Leader

Editor’s Notebook: Undercover Industry Leader

Enviroscapes' CEO Todd Pugh shares a chance encounter with an up-and-coming entrepreneur.

April 25, 2019

NOTE: The above image of Todd Pugh and Joe swiped from Todd's LinkedIn page.


Just had to pass along this awesome close encounter of the entrepreneurial kind Enviroscapes CEO & Founder Todd Pugh recently shared on his LinkedIn page.

Todd, a 2018 Leadership Award recipient, was on his way to a businesses appointment when he spied a young man hauling a spartan landscape rig in a makeshift trailer attached to the back of his mountain bike. Todd tracked the teen down at a Lisbon, Ohio gas station and had to hear his story. Turns out the 13-year-old entrepreneur was the owner of Joe’s Lawn Care. Young Joe pedaled himself and his mowing rig around town cutting lawns.

Todd found his encounter with Joe to be inspiring on so many levels and had to share the story with his LinkedIn community. For Todd, it was like looking into a mirror at a teen-aged version of himself hustling to establish his fledgling landscape company. Today, Todd is the head of a successful multi-million-dollar snow and landscape company. How many of you out there had similar humble beginnings to your careers in this industry?

And I can only image the impact Todd had on young Joe and how Todd’s encouragement may shape his future. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes and some words of encouragement to have a tremendous impact on an individual, whether they’re a stranger at a gas station or an employee within your own ranks.

I’m probably not doing Todd’s story justice, so I encourage you to follow Todd on LinkedIn and check out his post. CLICK HERE

And if you want to learn more about Todd's personal story, CLICK HERE to read his Leadership profile.