Put me in, Coach

Put me in, Coach

In his recent column, Kansas City snow fighter Kyle Rose asks why snow industry members resist getting involved in bettering their industry.

October 29, 2018

With baseball ending soon, NASCAR’s race for the cup in full swing and the road to the Super Bowl underway, sports fans are showing their teams’ colors. How do you show people you are serious about your team? Do you yell louder in the stands or at the TV than those around you? What compels a person to wear a fake block of cheese on his or her head, paint a bus or their own face with the team colors, or fly a flag at the house? They want others to see how serious their devotion is to their team.

Last month, nearly 60 ASCA members met with legislators in the House and the Senate in Washington D.C to show them how serious we are about the issues burdening our industry. They didn’t need ASCA or our company logos on their shirts to show their determination to make their passion for their livelihoods known. The ASCA member’s true colors were displayed by taking time out of their schedules and money out of their budgets to travel to the nation’s capital and show lawmakers how big of fans we are of our industry. It was quite a wake-up call to see how little they knew about the risk we are taking just to keep our operations going and provide for ourselves, our employees and our local economies. They know now! In the same way a fan talks about their team, our position was delivered with passion and followed up with the stats to back it.

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