End Bad Meetings

End Bad Meetings

Take your meetings from a zero to a 10. Make better use of your time by adopting a few EOS principles that focus in on strategic vision and problem solving.

The truth is everyone hates meetings. There seems to be a disproportionate amount of talking compared to problem solving, and they conclude with little accomplished and unresolved issues forced on to the next meeting’s agenda.

So, how do you maintain a productive atmosphere during your leadership team’s next meeting

You need to hold a Level-10 Meeting, says John Ward, a business coach and certified implementer of the

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). If asked for really honest feedback, then most of your leadership team would probably rank your regularly occurring or weekly management meeting at about a four on a one-to-10 scale, Ward says, just tad below bearable but a far cry from effective, direction setting, and inspiring.

“We want to make that meeting the best use of your time every week,” he says. “Teach people how to have a meeting [where] the majority of that meeting is spent just solving problems.”

Ward suggests using an issue-solving strategy known as IDS – Identify, Discuss and Solve – which allows the team to pinpoint problems and then resolve them as a team. In addition to problem solving, IDS provides you and your team the opportunity to apply this principle to revisit the company’s vision and the direction, the short and long-term goals, the projects everyone is working on, and then troubleshoot the issues keeping everyone from their goals.

“This keeps everyone on the same page, keeps us focused on making choices together about what the priorities are so we continue to share the vision and solve the problems [together],” he says.

Mike Zawacki is Editor of Snow Magazine