Meyer Introduces Super-V3 Plow

Meyer Introduces Super-V3 Plow

With innovative engineering, the next-gen V-Plow features a bottom centered urethane cutting edge and a pistol grip controller.

March 5, 2019


The all-new Meyer Super-V3 Plow and its industry-leading ground clearance allows snow fighter to never have to worry about bottoming out.  The wings can be controlled independently giving driver's the ultimate configuration control, while Meyer's Nite Saber LED lights offer safer nighttime plowing with less draw on your electrical system.

Meyer's innovative engineering unleashes the next generation of V-Plows and features the following industry exclusives:

  • A bottom centered urethane cutting edge eliminates snow trails
  • A pistol grip controller with self-diagnostics reduces downtime
  • An industry-leading 5-year warranty

Other features include:

  • Standard Nite Saber LED lights for better sight
  • Industry-leading ground clearance means less chance of bottoming-out and allows higher stacking capability
  • Dual-acting locking cylinders provide ultimate control, locking the blade position whether you’re plowing forward or backward
  • Trip-edge moldboards absorb and dissipate the shock so you don’t lose the entire load, or subject your truck, your plow and yourself to the full impact
  • Fleet friendly capability, allowing you to easily switch out your V3 plow with a Meyer straight blade

The Super-V3's Standard Operating System has a streamlined appearance with an encased power unit and patented cable management system for reliable service. The hydraulic system also features an adjustable drop speed to handle various plowing conditions and meet operator preferences.

Contractors can attach and detach the Super-V3 in minutes with a simple 2-plug electrical attachment, and Meyer’s free-standing jack stand allows users to adjust the V3’s height on uneven or shifting surfaces, making on/off easy in any condition.