Words Are Just Words

Words Are Just Words

Develop a process that helps define where you are going and chart your progress through achievements.

October 24, 2018

They, like so many of us have spent significant time determining: a timeframe, budget, route of travel, places along the way, who is coming and more. They have solved the why, what and how of said vacation. Now this would make us believe, or at least it has made me believe, that this same process should be repeatable in other areas of life. Child-rearing? Marriages? Careers? Personal growth plans? Gaining a skill or learning a sport?

See, I believe this process helps define where we are going and as we progress through the steps and check the boxes, we feel accomplished, satisfied, and proud of our achievements. All of this can happen without waiting for someone to tell us “good job,” we know we did I good job. We planned and we did it for us. This builds self-esteem and self-esteem promotes a healthy life.

Ok, so how does this work? Simple, just not easy. It starts by making daily lists. Lists of all that we need to accomplish today. Repeat this process, experts tell us, up to as many as 200 times and then it will become a habit.

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