Fisher Announces New Product Offerings

Fisher Announces New Product Offerings

Four new products designed to meet snow contractors need for efficiency.

Fisher Engineering recently rolled out a variety of new equipment to meet customer demand. Those new items include the following:

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Minute Mount 2 Attachment Kits
Fisher Engineering's new Minute Mount 2 attachment kits for tractors, meeting a high customer demand for non-truck mounted snowplow applications.

These kits are designed to easily attach Fisher heavy-duty straight blades, v-plows and winged plows to tractors. This gives the operator more maneuverability, efficiency and versatility when plowing, while allowing more vehicles to operate Fisher plows.

“Fleet interchangeability, comfort and high efficiency are on the top of our customers’ priority lists,” said Tyler Jones, product manager for Fisher Engineering. “We're proud to offer these new mount kits, so that tractor operators can enjoy the benefits of Fisher’s broad line of premium snowplows and their enhanced efficiency with a tractor.”

A removable push beam allows for easy installation and removal of the plow. Also, with these attachment kits, operators don't need to completely uninstall the mount when reattaching the loader system.

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EZV V-Plow
Purposefully designed with homeowners and contractors in mind, the EZV v-plow is constructed of high-strength, low alloy steel, making it the ideal weight for half-ton trucks, such as the GMC Sierra 1500, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ford F-150, RAM 1500 and Toyota Tundra.

Engineered with the same features and benefits of Fisher’s larger v-plows, the EZV has a blade width of 7 foot, 6 inches in straight blade mode and a blade height of 26 inches at the center up to 33" at the outer edge, which is the perfect size for cleaning up smaller jobs and spaces. It will be available in both stainless steel or powder-coated steel.

"Something we've heard from our customers over the years has been to add a v-plow to our equipment offerings that works for half-ton trucks," said Fisher Engineering’s Jones. "And we're proud to finally be able to offer the EZV v-plow to those homeowners and contractors that need a more compact option."

Other features include a trip-edge design that protects operators and their equipment when striking hidden obstacles, and InstaLock double-acting cylinders that hold the wings firmly in place for clean, efficient back dragging while also allowing operators to use the v-plow in straight blade mode by locking the wings together.

The EZV v-plow attaches easily with the proven Fisher Minute Mount 2 mounting system and configures to varying vehicle heights to maintain optimum performance. Accessories include 10-inch rubber deflector, shoe kit, AR400 steel curb guards, cast iron curb guards, ½-inch steel cutting edge, 1-inch poly cutting edge, blade stop kit and a back-drag edge kit.

Customers can choose between LED or dual-halogen Intensifire headlamps. The LED headlamps feature up to twice the light output of traditional halogen bulbs. The dual-halogen headlamp option also offers improved brightness and reach with better low- and high-beam performance than traditional halogen headlamps.

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0.7-cu-yd and 0.35-cu-yd Steel-Caster Hopper Spreader
The new 0.7 cu yd stainless-steel hopper spreader joins the Steel-Caster line by providing high-performance ice control capabilities specifically for half-ton and light-duty trucks.

In addition, the Steel-Caster 0.35-cu-yd stainless steel hopper spreader, specifically for UTV and compact truck applications. It offers a high-quality, riveted construction, a 12-wide pintle chain conveyor system, and includes many of the same features of the larger Steel-Casters hopper spreaders.

“Not all jobs are created equal, but they all need high-performance equipment,” said Fisher Engineering’s Jones. “We designed these new Steel-Caster hopper spreaders precisely for half-ton and light-duty trucks, as well as UTVs and compact trucks, so more vehicles in a customer’s fleet can get in on the ice control game.”

Both new Steel-Caster hopper spreaders feature dual variable-speed control for precise control of material delivery and a flip-up chute for easy hitch access and clean-out. The lightweight, stainless steel, riveted construction provides durability without taking an excess toll on the vehicle.

The Steel-Caster 0.7-cu-yd stainless steel hopper spreader offers a 5-foot-long hopper and up to 30 feet of spreading width. Meanwhile, the 0.35-cu-yd stainless steel hopper spreader has a 3-foot-long hopper and delivers a spreading width of up to 20 feet.

Users have the option to add a pre-wet and direct liquid application kit accessory to the larger Steel-Casters 0.7-cu-yd model. With the addition of this accessory, the spreader can also be used to pre-wet materials or spray brine directly onto the driving surface for anti-icing applications. The accessory kit includes two 25-gallon pre-wet tanks, a pump and a spray kit.

Additional accessories include: extension collars to increase the material capacity; spill guard kit; LED work light kit; central point grease kit; vibrator kit; inverted V kit; tarp cover; and more.

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New Storm Boxx Steel-Edge Pusher Plows Models
Fisher expanded its line of steel-edge pusher plows, adding 12-, 14- and 16-foot models to their line of Storm Boxx plows. Built specifically for larger pieces of construction equipment to move large amounts of snow, these new plows will join the 8- and 10' models that were launched in 2019.

The new pusher plows offer interchangeable attachments that provide the flexibility to quickly and easily attach the plow to various pieces of equipment within a fleet. The two-piece, steel trip-edge design delivers a cleaner scrape for hard-packed snow and ice and protects operators and their equipment when striking hidden obstacles.

The new Storm Boxx pusher plows also feature floating attachment plates that smooth out bumps and allow side-to-side movement, keeping the pusher in contact with the surface at all times, and floating shoes that keep the cutting edge level on uneven surfaces to maintain a clean scrape.

“For a product launch like this, we really mean it when we say it’s bigger and better,” said Fisher Engineering’s Jones. “These new models are of course wider and larger, but are also built with features that provide great performance along with the flexibility to accommodate various pieces of equipment within a fleet. We’re looking forward to seeing them in action.”