A New Way to Engage You

A New Way to Engage You

The Snow Magazine Podcast is another way to deliver quality content to readers and help you better manage your business and professional career.

January 18, 2019
by Mike Zawacki, editor
While we first started producing podcasts in late 2018, you could consider this the official introduction to the Snow Magazine Podcast.

The Snow Magazine Podcast is an episodic series of 20-30 minute digital audio interviews (MP3 format) conducted by myself, that focus on a variety of industry-related topics, including trends, best practices, business management strategy and philosophy, and personalities.

New installments, or episodes, are FREE and available to readers on the Snow Magazine website, as well as a variety of popular third-party podcast hosting site. They can be listened to directly off the website or downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker – and even in your plow truck for on-the-go consumption.

Click on any of the following to go directly to their The Snow Magazine Podcast page.

I’ve spent the past few months building up an inventory of engaging interviews. Here’s a sampling that I encourage you to check out, just click on the title to access the podcast.

Survive a Terrible Winter
Too little, and even too much winter, takes a toll on your bottom line. Robert Holmes has a solution that could save your snow ops from going bust during an inclement winter. He provides weather risk solutions to a broad portfolio of snow industry clients. Weather insurance may keep your ops in the black, but at the very least it’s a policy that pays out in peace of mind.

Through Thick and Thin

Trader Interactive’s Amanda Ayala provides insider tips to improve the relationship with your rental equipment dealer and strengthen your snow ops.

The Value In Mentoring  
As the student or master, we have a history of sharing and seeking knowledge. Business coach Neal Glatt talks mentoring and its role in your goals.

The Mixed-Use Challenge  
Retail developers are replacing traditional mega-malls with the downtown live-work-play experience. Cleveland-area snow fighter Jerry Schill explains the challenges associated with these multifaceted properties and how they force you to think like a service department.

Meet Your Shove Crew  
Left Hand Robotics CEO Terry Olkin talks about how the SnowBot Pro could change the industry.

Can This Low-Tech Device Save Your Snow Ops?  
Guest Dick Churchill explains how his creation can save you money and material.


Mike Zawacki is Snow Magazine's editor. Email him at mzawacki@gie.net.