Profiles in Leadership

Features - Cover Story Leadership 2017

Three snow and ice contactors who exemplify leadership in the industry, in their businesses and in the communities they call home.

September 26, 2017

In other industries where egos and reputations run high, some “leaders” expect their peers to shower them with accolades. But you really don’t ever see this display of arogance among the leaders in snow and ice management.

This is what makes our industry so special. This is the eighth year we’ve honored individuals who are not only leaders within their respective businesses, but also in their industry and in the communities they call home.

To date, we’ve selected 32 snow fighters for the Leadership honor, and each share in some pretty incredible traits. They are passionate about the business of snow and ice management. They are vocal about professionalism and industry standards. They are advocates for change. They are unafraid of change. And they strongly believe in the necessity of supporting one another and that all boats do in fact rise on the same tide.

On the following pages you’ll notice a lot of these themes in each of the three leadership profiles. I hope you’ll take away anecdotes that inspire you, but ultimately I hope these stories make you question: “Do I have what it takes to be a leadership recipient?”

If so, let me know because we may be honoring you next year.

— Mike Zawacki, editor