Winter Equipment Offers Rubber Cutting Edges

Winter Equipment Offers Rubber Cutting Edges

WinterFlex cutting edges provide longer life and eliminate material waste for light-duty and pusher box plows.

January 30, 2019
Winter Equipment offers its patented WinterFlex  rubber cutting edges for light-duty plows and the increasingly popular pusher box plows.

The unique, reversible design of WinterFlex rubber cutting edges provides two positive wear edges for extending blade usage, which reduces material waste. The flat cutting edge design eliminates the need for the blade to “relax” for better performance.

“Our WinterFlex rubber cutting edges are definitely not the rubber blades of yesteryear,” said Ken Marvar, Vice President of Sales at Winter Equipment. “Our patented technology ensures that these cutting edges last longer and eliminate wasted material for pusher box and light-duty plows.”

WinterFlex rubber cutting edge material features three layers of styrene-butadiene rubber, vulcanized with two layers of high-performance synthetic fabric sheets for extended wear, strength and durability. The material is available in 1½ inch thick and either 8 inch or 10 inch wide. Rubber cutting edges are available in full length or sectional length options ranging from 5 feet to 9 feet for easy installation. The lengths can be punched or slotted, if required, to fit a variety of equipment and to provide simple adjustments.