Where's The Salt?

Where's The Salt?

Regional supply and price challenges grow in road salt supply for preseason 2018-19. Snow's salt insider, Rob S. English takes a look at this issue.

September 21, 2018

While there is plenty of salt on this blue marble in space that we all live on, road salt availability in certain regions is showing early signs of supply and price problems as we enter the preseason this fall.

Coastal markets are generally well supplied from multiple sources globally. However, some interior regions of the US are already seeing signs of availability problems. Along with availability troubles come price increases so expect both in the affected regions. Much of this is the result of a significant uptick in transportation costs along with a series of events with domestic mines that triggered some delays and problems.

The relatively good news in supply will be the coastal snow belt of the Northeast United States. This region from North Carolina to the Canadian border has been a very competitive market for decades due to proximity to deep water ports where salt from as far away as Australia can arrive competitively against salt mined in North America. I’ve mentioned in previous State of the Salt addresses how ocean freight costs had plunged in recent years resulting from changes in ocean shipping and vessel size. Well, those days are now winding down and a new set of sea going vessel conditions are impacting road salt supplies.

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