Editor's Notebook: 2020 Bulk Salt Prices
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Editor's Notebook: 2020 Bulk Salt Prices

Take the guesswork out of pricing your salt service. Check out one website's snow-state-by-snow-state per-ton pricing for bulk salt.

August 17, 2020

Snow pros often ask me about salt price and what I'm hearing for their market from my industry sources. But since pricing can vary state-by-state, unless I know for absolute certain it's difficult to provide an accurate estimate.

However, the other day an industry source tipped me to the website of Ninja Deicer, a salt and deicing distributor serving primarily Wisconsin and some nearby out-of-state boarder markets. The good folks at Ninja have compiled the "Bulk Salt Price Guide: What You Can Expect to Pay In 2020." The listing provides a per state look at present-day production, consumption and, best of all, the state of rock salt prices in 2020, which are based on average DOT costs.

Some of this pricing info may be helpful as you finalize your purchasing or completing the ice management pricing to your winter contracts. Or, you may view this as common knowledge for your market. At the very least, it's worth a look.

And every bit of info helps, right?

CLICK HERE to check out the breakdown.