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Columns - Publisher’s note

May 12, 2022

For 25 years, GIE Media was a home for me. As a young buck I worked up through the sales ranks and eventually made my way into management. From there, I lead the Lawn & Landscape, Golf Course Industry, and Snow Magazine groups of products, many of which you’re familiar with through your other professional endeavors. Together, those products, magazines, websites, conferences, and trade shows represent a unique portfolio of experiences and services that we shared with the professional snow and ice management industry for nearly two decades. And in 2012, we embarked on a new and unique venture, the Accredited Snow Contractors Association.

The association business is much different than the core businesses of GIE Media. I turned over my roles in the landscape and golf industries to trusted teammates and refocused on an entirely new career path. I had a wonderful career with GIE Media, working with more than 100 talented individuals. GIE Media continues to thrive, growing into new markets and adding products in existing markets.

As we grew the ASCA and focused on a different mission, our group remained the only one in the association business. And over time, we became a bit of a square peg in a round hole. Having a great relationship with ownership, we sat down and talked about the future direction of “My Group.” In these discussions, I broached the idea that after 25 years, I was confident I wanted to take this group out on my own and forge a bit of a different path than GIE Media’s traditional business model.

When I lead the other groups I enjoyed the job, which involved leading and developing people, building businesses, and playing an active role in different industries. Yet, when we started the ASCA, I found my passion. I learned firsthand you really can bring change to an entire industry, and we have done that over the years with the ASCA. You can read more about this in my ASCA Executive Director Column in the ASCA Report section of this issue. Taking on a job and doing it well offers an individual a great deal of satisfaction. Over the years, though, developing a passion for something and contributing to the betterment of an entire industry is really quite a different feeling of accomplishment.

After some great discussions, GIE’s leadership and I came to an agreement. In January 2022, I purchased the assets of Snow Magazine and the Accredited Snow Contractors Association. I look forward to continuing to serve the readers of Snow Magazine, the members of the ASCA, and the entire professional snow and ice management industry with the same passion I have had for the past decade. I’d love to hear your feedback as we embark on Snow Magazine’s and the ASCA’s new chapter, so please reach out at