A gathering of geniuses

A gathering of geniuses

ASCA’s Kevin Gilbride outlines the addition of the Genius Bar to Snow and Ice Show 2018, and the chance to pick the brains of snow’s brightest minds.

March 28, 2018
I have heard it said there are no new ideas. In fact, everything being created and brought to market, regardless the industry, has its roots leading back to something or someone else.

I’m guilty of this, caught red-handed in the cookie jar of good ideas. But first, let me explain my altruistic endgame.

My travels throughout the country have granted me audiences with snow contractors in a variety of different venues, from industry conferences to business offices. It’s amazing how open and candid professionals are when talking about their business over a cup of coffee – or another beverage. Whether the topic is operations, equipment, labor, top or bottom lines, I’ve found snow and ice management contractors amenable to sharing their stories, experiences, success and failures with just about anyone who is genuinely interested.

This continuity among the leaders in this industry got me thinking, especially as we develop our conferences and events. In fact, I’d like to thank the 27 individuals who’ve donated their time and expertise to participate as educators in the Snow and Ice Show 2018.  And in a way of giving back or paying it forward to those who have helped them along the way, they are going to sharing their experiences and professional expertise with the rest of the industry this May 1st – 3rd.  Post-event surveys indicated the panel discussions at the 2017 show were by far the highlight of the educational tracks.  

So, we are adding an exciting new feature to this year show.  This year, we are introducing our version of the “Genius Bar.” (Yes, thank you Apple for inspiring this concept.) This is envisioned as a one-on-one educational experience in the back of the trade show hall during show hours.  We will have three of our panel discussion participants scheduled each hour to answer any questions you may have for them.  Panel discussions, while informative, don’t always allow you dive into a topic, of clarify everything you are looking for, or even provide you a comfortable venue to admit “I don’t understand …” The Genius Bar gives everyone the opportunity to have their questions answered, and perhaps dive deeper into the topics that matter most to you.

We are excited about this new addition to the show and are grateful for those geniuses who are offering their time and knowledge for the betterment of the industry.