Green and white

Green and white

The landscape industry provides a glimpse at trends impacting the snow and ice management industry.

October 23, 2015

Since more than 65 percent of snow and ice management contractors provide landscape and lawncare services in the warm-weather months, we crunched the numbers from Lawn & Landscape 2015 State of the Industry report.

We wanted to know what this unique snapshot could reveal about the mind-set of a good portion of snow and ice management contractors heading into Winter 2015-16. In a nutshell, snow and ice contractors remain confident, regardless of initial winter weather predictions. Likewise, labor and attracting and retaining quality labor remains a significant stumbling block for many contractors. Also, more than half of contractors indicate difficulty in managing a work-life balance.

Be sure to check out Lawn & Landscape’s 2015 State of the Industry report ( in its October issue.