Editor's Notebook: Equipment Update

Editor's Notebook: Equipment Update

Winter Equipment introduces the commercial market to the advantages of its universal spinner.

April 12, 2019

Winter Equipment announced this week its universal, high-quality polyurethane spinner is now available for the commercial snow and ice management industry.

Previously focused on the municipal segment of the snow and ice market, the universal spinner is the latest product to be marketed to commercial contractors. According to the Cleveland-based company, the universal spinner:

  • Measures 6 inches in diameter at its blank, undrilled table (the center mounting section), that can be easily drilled to fit specific specs, enabling it to fit a variety of hub types and sizes.
  • The overall diameter of 18 inches
  • Manufactured in high-visibility orange for safety
  • Six, universal, tapered vanes support clockwise or counter clockwise rotations and promote easy fill, even spread and high feed rates.
  • Tough, one-piece construction resists wear, reducing costs and maintenance.

CLICK HERE for more details on Winter Equipment’s universal spinner.